Verena (Vocals)

Your first impression might be: „What a sweet little girl!“… However the leading voice of Classyfied will only need one second on stage to completely change your mind. The colorful voice of Verena makes you cry interpreting beautiful ballads and takes your breath singing and rapping the Funk.

Janine (Vocals)

Recently Classyfied gained a new member. Janine, who used to rock the stages in the south-west of Germany, now brings her fire on to Munich city. With the passion of her voice she fits in perfect harmonies to Verena’s singing. An enjoyment for your ears and your eyes!



 Jan (Sax)

This charming guy doesn`t even need an instrument to make the ladies lie to his feet. Playing the funky saxophone the way he does leads to serial fainting fits. So guys: hold on to your girls on a Classyfied concert!!!

Armin (Keys)

The creative head of Classyfied convinces not only by songwriting behind closed doors. On stage Armin lets the keys fly and, with his fantastic melodies, forces everyone to leave their chairs and hit the dancefloor.

Chris (Drums)

A wild crew needs to be tamed. Only the director is able to do that. His weapon: playing the drums with animalistic rhythm so nobody can resist to get carried away by the catching groove.

Eugene (Git and Vocals)

To everyone who thought a „White Russian“ is made with 1 part Kahlúa, 2 parts Vodka and 1 part heavy cream: Our man from Belarus is a mix of finest funk, a good part of rock, enough enthusiasm and just the right amount of madness.

Philipp (Bass)

What would a funk-band be without a great bass-player. Good news: We have the BEST bass-player on God’s earth!!! See for yourself!